Cuvées Insolites

These wines, a Simonis exclusivity, are intended to stand out from the crowd. They are fabricated by employing grapes in unusual ways or by innovative blending.

Our Lune Rousse, Caprice de Sylvaner and Muscat Grains de Folie are made from grapes that are normally vinified into dry wine. But for these special sweeter wines the grapes are harvested very late in the season. Their high sugar content adds power to the natural character of the wine.

Chaud Lapin

C'est un vin coquin, à partager avec les copains et les copines. A servir frais à tout moment : à l'apéritif, sur un plat, des tapas ou du fromage. Farceur, il se dévoilera petit à réchauffera la soirée!


Quintessence de Sylvaner

A fruity nose that gives advance warning of intense concentration. On the palate, we find a hint of almonds. Its smoothness and mellowness seduces connoisseurs.

/2020/ Vin Orange