Our philosophy

Respect of nature and the consumer

tulipe vigne min.jpgAbout a decade ago, Etienne Simonis realized the need to eliminate the use of chemical products. le début des années 2000, la suppression des produits chimiques s'est imposée à Etienne SIMONIS.

The switch to organic wine growing is one way of keeping the soil "alive", helping vine roots to dig deep to find the minerals they need. The result is grapes of better quality and flavour that reflect the type of the soil on which they grow.

The absence of chemical products also encourages the yeast flora on the grape skin that later initiate the wine fermentation naturally.

Our commitments to international organic agriculture certification agencies (Ecocert in 2008, then Demeter in 2011) have enabled us to validate our practices.
This approach reflects our conviction that we need to respect nature, consumers, future generations – and wine-growers too.

Biodynamic agriculture


The biodynamics of plant growth is influenced by movements of the moon and planets. A biodynamic approach aims to balance the soil ecosystem in order to stimulate the interaction between vine and soil and thereby give the wine a strong identity.

We also employ biodynamic agriculture to combat parasites by reinforcing the natural defences of the plant without using artificial pesticides. For this purpose, we employ herbal tisanes (yarrow, horsetail, nettle, willow, etc.), in addition to sulphur and copper.

The work on the soil and biodynamics reinforces the concentration in the fruits. Compost is used to add humus and feed microbial activity.

Our vineyard has earned DEMETER certification by respecting this organisation's biodynamic agriculture specification.

Leaflet explaining biodynamic agriculture

Meeting the consumer


Wine is more than just a drink; its alchemy reflects its history, its soil and its producer.  Meeting the people who will drink our products is always a pleasure, an opportunity to share our savoir-faire and our passion for quality wine.

We offer our visitors a personalized welcome in our wine sheds.

Come and taste our vintages, and share a convivial moment with a member of the family.