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Vins de Cépage

These wines bring immediate pleasure as an accompaniment to simple dishes. They are classic fruity Alsace wines typical of their vinestock. They are best consumed within 5 years.

Vins de Réserve

These wines made from carefully selected grapes are sure to please. Although more complex than our vins de cépage, these wines too are very characteristic of their vinestock. They are best consumed within 7 years.

Vins de Terroir

These wines made using grapes from the best-exposed plots are a testimony to the ability of Etienne Simonis to bring out the characteristics of each soil type. Their flavour characteristic of their vinestock is transcended by their complexity, finesse and elegance which comes from the soil. These wines can be laid down for 10 to 15 years. They include the Marckrain grand cru, the Kaefferkopf grand cru, Clos des Chats and Vogelgarten.

"Late Harvest" and "Grains Nobles" selections

These are the jewels of our vineyard. The grapes are harvested only well after they have reached full maturity, which makes for very rich wines of great aromatic complexity. Their natural sweetness make them a real delicacy. They improve with age and can be laid down for up to 15 years. We make these very special wines only in years when the climatic conditions enable "noble rot".

Cuvées Insolites

These vintages, a Simonis exclusivity, are deliberately made to be surprising by using grapes from given vinestocks in unusual ways or by imaginative blending. Forget everything you know about the wines of Alsace... try them!

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