Vins de Réserve

Vins de Réserve

Made from selected grapes from the hillside plots, these wines are long in the mouth, with an easily identifiable character and lots of personality.


With a fruity, mineral flavour, this wine is mouth-filling yet light in the palate thanks to its great vivacity. Drink it with seafood, fish and white meat.

/2020/ Sélections parcellaires

Pinot Noir

Aging in oak casks gives this wine a complex structure, well-balanced yet full-bodied. It has notes of cherry and red-current. Perfect with red meats, game and cheese.

/2021/ Sélections parcellaires

Pinot Gris

Opulent and slightly sweet, it has notes of dried fruit, apricot and honey. Drink it as an aperitif, or with strong cheeses and slightly sweet desserts, or in sweet-and-sour recipes.

/2020/ Sélections parcellaires


Generous in the mouth, and a complex nose hinting at spices and ripe fruit.. A nice aperitif, or to accompany strong cheeses (Munster, Roquefort, etc.) and desserts.

/2018/ Sélections parcellaires

Muscat d'Alsace

This variety of Muscat has a wonderful aroma. One has the sensation of biting into a bunch of grapes!  A great pre-dinner drink.

/2020/ Sélections parcellaires